God this tune is so good I want to cry I love Soundgarden so much
I got this super pretty necklace yesterday and I am so happy about it


on a scale of 1 to Chris Cornell how dumb are you

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He has to bring the chainsaw because he’s a real man and is going to saw his own firewood. 


*steps over the border into california* 

*red hot chili peppers plays*

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helloitisivedder said: stone. stop or I will hurl you croc wearing ass on my surfboard and drag yo ass into the middle of the ocean and drown your damn fine ass dude *shaka bro*


hello Edward, I assume you think you can come in here and exert your control over me like you did for a while back there in the naughty nineties. Well you got another thing coming mister, me and my crocs and my miscellaneous coffee mugs are a united front and so help me I will kick you back to sunny San Diego.

stop with your oceany metaphors or I’ll ask you out to breakfast and we all know how that turned out for your good mate Dave.

p.s. you look hot in your pic xoxo Stone

what people think before sleeping: what if my crush loves me
what i think before sleeping: what if andy wood wouldn't die and mother love bone still exists omg eddie vedder where would you be